Volkswagen plan to Rival Tesla, Selling 1 Million EVs by 2025

Volkswagen have set high goals for the future. The German vehicle manufacturer plans to create and sell one million electric vehicles by 2025. The company’s statement appears to directly challenge Tesla’s goal of one million vehicles by 2020.

At a recent press conference, Volkswagen told us that they would improve productivity and cut costs until 2020, where the company will begin prioritising electric vehicles.

For Volkswagen, the end goal is to produce electric vehicles that sell for the same price as diesel models do currently. With the introduction of the Model 3, Tesla have began targeting the mass market, offering a more affordable high-end electric vehicle. The problem with the Model 3 is that the overall price is still out of many potential customers’ price ranges. Volkswagen will likely offer similar alternatives to rival the Model 3, attempting to offer a more affordable solution to electric driving.

Since their diesel emissions scandal, Volkswagen have been attempting to clean up their image by diving into the EV market, investing $10 billion into electric vehicles. The company currently offers electric variations of the Golf as well as their new E-Up electric vehicle. The company also plans to bring two new vehicles to the US by 2022. The details about these vehicles are yet to be released.

VW electric van

Recently, Volkswagen announced a re-imagined, fully electric version of their classic Kombi van. This van will be available for purchase in 2022, according to Volkswagen. We are sure that this vehicle will prove to be popular due to the 1960s nostalgia that many associate with these vehicles.

We hope to see the rivalry between Volkswagen and Tesla resulting in both companies creating affordable electric cars for the mass market. The two manufacturers are very different, with Tesla being a relatively new company and Volkswagen being a much older company, aiming to reinvent their image.