Tschirns Mechanical

How would you describe your tool?
As a code reader that quickly and easily scans for any faults and checks live data.

What benefits does it give you?
Especially during vehicle servicing we can check vehicle for any faults and check live data and alert our customers of any impending problems, so it’s a good tool for value adding our services.

How does it compare to others?
It’s easier to use which is good when you’re busy, and my apprentice picked it up quickly. The larger screen on the PC is also easier to see and I love the fact that it has internet integration with Rennacs. I love the scan all system and its easy to upgrade. The Uniplug is also another great feature.

How often do you use it?
Each time we service a vehicle we just plug it in and do a scan while doing other tasks. Also in fault diagnosis.

What else would you say to someone about the tool?
Its quick and easy to use. Uses vehicles own power supply through the Uniplug. Good vehicle coverage. Good back up and support. Ability to print out A4 size report that’s easy to read and understand. Good for value adding other jobs


Fairview Motors Ltd

We are using the Rennacs PC based CodeReader Scan Tool system.

It certainly is an extremely handy tool in a dealership like ours which has a variation in types and models of cars. Being very easy to use to quickly find the general area of a vehicle fault and erase codes where applicable. 

We find the Rennacs system most beneficial to us for the non- Ford product that we work on, however we generally use the proper Ford test equipment on most Fords as a lot of the work we do requires software reprogramming etc which is only available on the specialist equipment. 

The benefits of the Rennacs system is the ease of use, generally a quick plug into the vehicle, select the make and year and hit the scan button. Pretty handy also that the test results are easily printed off, and lots of live data is available on most vehicles we have tested to aid in diagnosis of the fault once the code has given the area of concern. 

Also remote diagnostic assistance is a benefit, although we haven’t had the need to utilize this as yet. 

In general it has been a very handy system, and I imagine it will only get better as they receive more and more data from vehicles to be able to refine and improve the code reading of a vast array of vehicles. 

Thanks Rennacs! 
Shane Yeates.

Windsor Motors Invercargill Ltd

In June 2009, after considering and evaluating numerous options, Windsor Motors purchased a Rennacs ‘UniPlug’ Code Reader and Scan Tool. This tool soon became our most frequently utilised piece of equipment for the diagnosis of vehicle system failures or malfunctions. 

Covering a vast range of vehicles and systems, (Petrol and Diesel EFI, Transmission, Airbag, ABS and Body, along with their associated sensors, controls, modules and ECU’s) the tool is remarkably simple to connect and operate. 

The software is constantly updated by Rennacs and the programme is the easiest to navigate that we have encountered. 

Data recording and data printout are strong features when it comes to the analysis of scan results and also when a vehicle’s problems are being explained to the owner. 

Rennacs database of vehicle fault codes (both generic and manufacturer specific) and a description of each codes meaning, is only a click of a button away. 

The software programme also features a direct link to Rennacs (this is extremely useful if accessibility problems occur). Rennacs are always most responsive and forthcoming in regard to any communication via this medium. 

Rennacs ‘UniPlug’ is without doubt, the most useful tool for the modern day computer controlled vehicle that Windsor Motors has invested in. The ‘UniPlug’ saves our workshop a lot of time, it saves our customers a lot of money and keeps them coming back. 

Ian Treweek.

BP Bridge & Mary Pty Ltd

I think the Rennacs tool is a great innovation. 

It is easy to use and a great time saver. 

There are no modules to change and its straight forward to use. 

I use it daily on suitable vehicles. 

Its very simple to use, just plug in the Uni-Plug and connect to a computer. Find the required vehicle and a few mouse clicks later, it is all done, with a complete list of vehicle fault codes, if any. 

You do not have to go through each system to check for fault codes, but can access each system to clear codes after repair or to check live data.

Grimmer Motors Ltd

We have been using the Rennacs program for at least six years or more and have made use of the many upgrades over that time. 

We have been very impressed by how simple and quick it is to use, especially the present system. 

Being able to read fault codes by wireless from any part of the workshop is brilliant. 

Glenn and crew have managed to keep up to date with the changes in vehicles really well and being able to diagnose the difficult ones on-line is magic. 

The range of vehicles covered is very good and being able to hook on to those not covered and down loading the info is real state of the art. I have been really impressed with the Rennacs system and would recommend it to anyone in the trade.

Phillips Garage

We have used the Rennacs Scan Tool system for a number of years now. We have found it to be very user friendly and an excellent tool to have in our workshop. 

We scan as many vehicles as we can during the day and from this we can diagnose extra work needed. 

Probably the main factor I looked at before purchasing a scan tool was the back up and upgrade service. This has been excellent and efficient. 

The tool is also affordable for the small workshop. 

The response time for your queries is quick. 

Carry on the good work Glenn (kiwi ingenuity) and thank you for creating an affordable, user friendly and reliable scan tool. 

Sandra Phillips 
New Zealand

Glen Eden Auto Services

We have been using the Rennacs Scanner for a number of years. 

The benefits of this tool are now so huge as to what it can do. 

We also use the Rennacs Relative Compression system to test before and after servicing and tuning. 

The download of ECU faults is straight forward and if there is a problem there is an on line Help Desk to be in contact with a technician to go through it personally. 

The follow up is excellent, very helpful and prompt. 

We use the Scanner in the workshop at least four times a week. I would recommend this tool to anyone in the automotive industry.

Alan Murray Farm Services

We have been a Rennacs customer now for many many years using their products from the beginning. 

Their Rennacs Code Reader Scan Tool has kept us up to date with technology and has been one of the most important pieces of equipment that we use in our workshop today. 

We have had the benefit of being able to upgrade and have been kept in touch with technology changes where other equipment suppliers have let us down. 

The PC base Scanner with blue tooth technology is such a simple and effective tool to use. In all prior Scanners from Rennacs that we have previously used, it has been able to have been operated from the apprentice to anyone in the workshop. 

Their application is based on a basic and simple operation for an effective outcome. The benefits we have had over the years of using Rennacs tools has given us a big advantage over our competitors with many garages giving us their problem cars to check out. 

Being able to use the Rennacs Scanner and print out a report is by far a professional outcome for the customer. As compared with other Scanners we have found the Rennacs the most durable and easy to hook up and operate with not requiring many leads like other Scanners and the price has been built around New Zealand technology. 

We use our Scanner as a proactive tool in service checks, pre holiday checks, appraisal or pre-purchase cars, and when we have carried out work on electronic vehicles e.g. timing belt replacement etc, we do an electronic reset of the customers car. 

We find the Scanner is as important as having a hoist in the workshop, as we use it on a daily basis. 

With Glenn and his team we have found them to be right at the forefront of producing a Scanner that is built in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions and their professional updates and website have been one of the most tremendous helps to our business, with the updates and improvements on a very regular basis. 

I would absolutely endorse this product as being one of the most valuable assets to our business and I would be happy to discuss with anybody who would like further details on how valuable it has been to us, or to recommend the Rennacs Scanner to anybody who is looking to enhance their business. 

Allan Murray