Audi Engines (EFI)

$49.00 USD

The Audi Engines (EFI) software allows for the detailed reading of OEM Fault Codes and Live Data on virtually all Audi Engines (EFI) systems.


The vehicle coverage for this Audi Engines (EFI) software differs depending on the Rennacs hardware you have purchased:

The Micro Scan Tool covers most vehicles from 2005 to today.

Other (higher priced) Rennacs UniPlug hardware covers most Audi Engines (EFI) systems from 1996 to today.

To purchase and use this software, you must have a Rennacs account as well as Rennacs Scan Tool hardware. This software will not work with any other scan tool hardware.

For the quickest results, please use the email address associated with your Rennacs account when purchasing this product. Your purchase should be processed within one working day.