New Fully-Electric Mini to be Unveiled Soon

New Electric Mini Conecpt Revealed

An electric Mini could be available for purchase sooner than we think. The German manufacturer BMW has released the basic design for the upcoming fully-electric Mini, which is due to be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. In 2019, we can expect to see the vehicle available for purchase, with BMW hoping to have 15-25% of sales being electric vehicles by 2025

Electric Mini

The new electric Mini features a distinctive front grill and 3D-printed tyres

Peter Schwarzenbauer, board member of Mini stated how the vehicle feels to drive:

“With its characteristic go-kart feeling and powerful electric motor, the MINI Electric Concept is great fun to drive while also being completely suitable for everyday use—and producing zero emissions to boot. That’s how we at MINI envisage electric mobility in tomorrow’s world”

The vehicle’s grill and tyres have been redesigned to give the car a futuristic, new look. The car’s rear LED lights showcase a Union Flag design, relating to the history and heritage of the brand.

The vehicle’s motor, gearbox and battery pack will be assembled in Germany, where these parts will be added to the rest of the car in Mini’s UK factory.

This isn’t the first instance of a fully electric Mini. In 2009, the Mini E was introduced to the US as part of a testing program. Around 450 of these vehicles were test driven by US drivers, to see how they would adapt to fully electric vehicles. The key problem with this test vehicle was that the 30 kWh battery took up the whole of the back seat, reducing space for passengers or cargo.

Thanks to improvements in battery capacity and efficiency, we highly doubt that the new electric Mini will have this problem. Today’s electric vehicles such as Tesla’s Model 3 provide their users with more than double the capacity as Mini’s 2009 electric vehicle. We hope that Mini is able to prove themselves as a worthy rival for companies like Tesla through improved battery range, advanced driving technology and a suitable starting price.