Mercedes to sell a Hydrogen-Fueled Plug-in Hybrid

German automaker Mercedes announced at the Frankfurt International Motor Show that it will begin selling a hydrogen-fueled hybrid in 2019.

The GLC F-Cell is a hybrid SUV has been described by Mercedes as “the world’s first electric vehicle with fuel-cell/battery powertrain”. The vehicle will have an electric range of 30 miles and a total range of 271 miles. The vehicle can be plugged into a power outlet, taking around 1½ hours to fully charge the battery.

The vehicle will be equipped with a 4.4 kg hydrogen storage tank paired with a 13.8-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery. These two power sources will power an electric motor that is capable of generating 147kW of energy.

The GLC F-Cell will have several different driving modes, allowing for hydrogen-only driving, electric-only driving or a combination of the two.

The increase in production for alternative-fuel vehicles comes as a response to changing emission standards and laws regarding gasoline powered vehicles. France, the UK and more recently China, have stated that they wish for the eventual removal of all non-electric cars from the road. Mercedes appears to be following BMW, Volkswagen and several other European automakers in an effort to reduce the amount of gasoline vehicles on our roads.

Hydrogen-fueled vehicles are currently less common than electric or traditional hybrid vehicles. This is due to the lack of hydrogen charging facilities available to drivers. With the rise of alternative fuel, we hope that this changes shortly, allowing for more clean, eco-friendly driving options.