Most of Mazda’s Cars will be Hybrid or Electric by 2035

Japanese car manufacturer Mazda has stated that they wish to increase the production of electric and hybrid vehicles. The company aims to have mostly electric and hybrid vehicles by 2035.

Mazda plans to introduce a hybrid vehicle as well as an electric vehicle in 2019. This will allow for Mazda to begin competing in the electric car market. It seems that Mazda still wishes to focus on petrol vehicles, with representatives saying that most new cars will feature a combination of electric and combustion-powered engines.

Mazda’s approach to the electric/hybrid market has been very slow, with the company being hesitant to focus on electric power in their vehicles. Earlier this year, Mazda unveiled a highly-efficient combustion engine that combines gasoline with the technology found in diesel engines. This engine is expected to enter Mazda’s vehicles by 2019.

With only 3% of car sales consisting of electric and hybrid vehicles, Mazda may attract an audience with its focus remaining on petrol engines. There is still a large market of people who want a petrol-powered vehicle, simply because it’s what they are used to. Other customers worry about the limited range of electric cars.

Volvo, Volkswagen and several other car manufacturers aim to have all their new vehicles electrified by the early 2020s. It will be interesting to see how Mazda is affected by the changing market. and what type of electric/hybrid vehicles will be produced by the Japanese company.