Why are Electric Cars Becoming more Popular?

For years, the idea of electric vehicles ruling our roads seemed like a distant fantasy. However, we can now expect for the majority of our vehicles to be electric within the next 20-30 years. So what is causing this gradual, but certain change?

Performance and Range Improvements

The first electric cars to be released were slow, underpowered and lacked the battery capacity for longer trips. Alongside the premium price tag, these problems resulted in many customers losing interest and buying petrol or diesel vehicles instead.

Since the release of the first electric vehicles, vehicle makers from all around the world have refined their manufacturing processes and improved on existing technology. The results of these refinements are electric vehicles that can travel hundreds of miles off one charge. The performance of these vehicles has significantly improved, with vehicles such as Tesla’s Model S being able to overtake traditional sports cars.


Government Support

Throughout 2017, several countries have expressed an interest in phasing out the use of gasoline vehicles. The UK and France both plan to have all-electric roads by 2040. China has recently stated that it wishes to follow but has not specified a year. The removal of gasoline-powered vehicles in China will have a massive impact on the rest of the world, significantly increasing the demand for alternatively-powered vehicles.

Governments have begun pressuring car manufacturers, stating that a certain percentage of their sales will need to be for electric cars. This has resulted in many new electric and hybrid vehicles entering the market. Several vehicle manufacturers such as Volkswagen and Mercedes have pledged to offer electric variants of all their vehicles by the early 2020s.


Advancements in Technology

American company Tesla has changed a lot of people’s opinions on electric cars. Their vehicles feature advanced touch-screen interfaces, self-driving capabilities and much more. In the near future, we can expect to see completely autonomous vehicles on our roads. Following Tesla’s success, many automakers are producing electric vehicles with futuristic capabilities. The new Nissan Leaf features automatic braking, lane changing and more.


Lower Costs

Electric vehicles are becoming cheaper, making them more accessible to the general public. As well as being incredibly cheap to run, electric vehicles are becoming more widely produced, resulting in a drop in price. Due to electric vehicles being available for a while, buying a second-hand electric vehicle is also becoming much cheaper.


In the next decade, we will see a huge increase in the number of electric cars on our roads. Factors such as government support, emerging technology and a changing public opinion are resulting in many drivers choosing to make the switch over to clean, fully-electric vehicles.