2018 Toyota Prius – What to Expect

In 2016, Toyota redesigned the Prius, the company’s signature hybrid vehicle. Changes included repositioning the battery, slightly lowering the vehicle, adding LED lights and more. Two years later, we are expecting to see a new 2018 Prius introduced to the market early next year. So what can we expect to see? Find out below.


Since the Prius only recently changed its design, we don’t expect any significant changes to this year’s model. However, the Prius C will undergo several design changes. These include a reshaped hood, redesigned headlights and a slightly “sportier” look than its predecessor. The interior will have a different steering wheel and refreshed center console.


Safety Considerations:

Toyota has made it clear that safety is an important factor in their new vehicles. Toyota’s Safety Sense (TSS) was added to several 2017 models. This includes automatic emergency braking, lane departure warnings, automatic high-beams and more. We can expect these features to be present on all 2018 Toyota vehicles, including the new Prius.



Like previous Prius models, we can assume that the 2018 Prius will have a standard 1.8 litre, four-cylinder engine. The current engine configuration allows for exceptional fuel economy at 56 miles per gallon. We hope that Toyota continues to improve on fuel economy with the latest Prius.

Release Date:

Toyota is expected to begin production of their new Prius during November, meaning that the 2018 Prius likely be released around February next year.