2018 Nissan Leaf Unveiling – Everything You Need to Know

Nissan revealed its next-generation Leaf in Tokyo two days ago, showing a huge step up in battery range, autonomous driving functionality and more. So what can we expect? Find out more below. 

Battery Capacity:

Nissan claims the new 2018 Leaf will be able to travel up to 400km per charge, a huge increase compared to the first generation of Leaf which only offered around 180km. This extended range is achieved due to the new 40kW battery, replacing the old 24kW battery.

Tesla’s Model 3 still beats Nissan’s Leaf in battery capacity, with a range of 500km. Fortunately, the Leaf provides 80% of the Model 3’s battery capacity at a significantly cheaper price, making it the superior option in terms of value.


Purchasers of the new Leaf can expect a significant boost in vehicle power. The Leaf’s performance specifications have improved, with the fully-electric vehicle now offering 110kW of power as opposed to 80kW in previous models.


The Leaf’s accelerator has been renamed the “ePedal” by Nissan, with the company claiming it has redesigned the way the vehicle is driven. The ePedal functions as an accelerator and a brake. Pressing down will cause the car to accelerate, whereas lifting off the pedal will cause the car to come to a stop, thanks to the automatic braking system.  Although this system may take a while for drivers to get used to, Nissan believes that the ePedal will improve the safety of the vehicle. The ePedal can be turned on and off to suit the user’s driving preferences.


ProPilot is Nissan’s autonomous driving software set to rival Tesla’s Autopilot. The system allows for automatic parking, adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assistance. The Leaf has several cameras positioned around it that allow for the vehicle to detect obstacles, measure the speed of surrounding vehicles, perform blind-spot detection and more.

Although it isn’t fully functioning self-driving, Nissan’s ProPilot technology is a big step forward, especially when combined with the ePedal.