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OBDI Adapters

OBDI-Style Adapters

These adapters allow Live Data and Automatic Code Reading for compatible pre-2000 cars using the UniPlug coupled to the car...

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Relative Compression Reader

Relative Compression Reader

The Rennacs Relative Compression reader allows you to quickly and easily check the relative compression on any car, 4-6-8 Cylinders...

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Deluxe Rennacs Scan Kit

Deluxe Rennacs Scanner Kit

The Deluxe kit is designed to cater for those specialist diagnostic equipment needs.

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Standard Rennacs Scan Kit

Standard Rennacs Scanner Kit

The Standard Rennacs Kit would be ideal for any workshop, or mechanic who works on a wide range of cars....

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Entry Level Modular Software Kit

Entry Level Modular Software Kit

The Rennacs Entry Level Kit is a modular software system so you can buy software as you need it.

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Micro Scan Tool

Micro Scan Tool

The Rennacs Micro Scan Tool is a smart, cost-efficient vehicle scanner for your workshop.

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